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Hand Me Down Joe

Vintage Floral Silk Top

Vintage Floral Silk Top

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100% Silk

I consider this piece to be a bit of an origin story for Hand~Me~Down Joe's first collection. For years and years I have held onto this top and felt something really special towards it. Pink & green have always been a favorite color combination of mine, but it became somewhat of a symbol for me when I moved to California. I wrote a poem about California, about its soft pinks and deep greens, and for me it symbolized breaking from the icy bud of a looooong winter. Quite literally, I left Chicago and came to the land of eternal summer. It was at my first job in California, at a little thrift shop in a sleepy village, where I'd find this sweet silk garment, a symbol to myself that I had arrived precisely where I was meant to be. That I now lived inside my poem. That now I breathed pink & green. It led me here, led me to a first collection built off of the premise of how California hues absolutely colored in my lines and made me see technicolor for the first time. I was waiting, I think, to bloom yet again. Not to be dramatic...but I hope you wear this top and see technicolor for the first time. 

The Poem

I am this

Virgin cherry blossom

Moving across some

Small water

Astride California Lilac leaves

The color of life

The actual color of existence

   And I am soft

   And I am naked

   And I am pink

   And I am moving

Across some

Small water

Some reaching grey water

In the hollowed desert

Of August

   And I am succulent

   And I am vivacious

   And I am buoyant

   And cool

   And awake

And I am recovered

And I am happy

And I am moving to the sun

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