About Joe


I’m a sentimentalist who treasures objects like tangible points on the map of my life. I’ve always loved antique shops and vintage stores and flea markets, because objects with history fascinate me—what have they seen? What stories could they tell? But second-hand & vintage fashion has always captured me most, because unlike a brittle, out-of-commission antique, clothing by nature is meant to be worn, used, and lived in. Wearing clothes from the era I grew up in (or before!) makes me feel close to my own story, and reminds me that everyone else has one to tell, too.

But beyond the nostalgic, buying & wearing pre-loved clothing is practical (aka budget friendly) and green (aka good for the environment!) As an example, my current obsession is dressing like the 90s/early 2000s version of myself. Why on earth would I purchase a brand new, out-of-my-budget, poorly constructed garment made to look like it came from that era when I can quite literally collect the whole decade for a fraction of the cost AND it’s 👏 authentic 👏 The very existence of vintage garments means they have survived the test of time, so finding these sturdy, storied pieces feels like I’m striking GOLD ✨

After decades of telling anyone who would listen that “I thrifted it!” I’ve decided to start thrifting…for you! 

Our pieces shout: you healed your inner child, now let her live!! Think “easy to play in,” “picnic attire,” “didn’t my mom own that in ’92?” 

Hand~Me~Down Joe imagines 💭 what if Matilda and Ms. Honey shared a wardrobe? What if Polly Pocket rolled her own joints? What if every party was a picnic? All in the name of asking this bigger question…what if reconnecting with our inner-child is the cheat code to joyous adulthood? Alls I know is…facing every day feels a lot easier when I look cute as heck, and don’t have to break the bank to do it.

I am so excited to finally share my first collection with you.


🌶️ Emily Joe